Travel Clinic and Yellow Fever Centre

we offer travel health risk assessments, vaccinations, prophylaxis and treatments to those in the community
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Malaria Prophylaxis

We provide advice and medication for people travelling to parts of the world where there is a malaria risk.

Erectile Dysfunction

We provide advice and treatment for men suffering from this condition.

Flu Vaccination

We vaccinate high-risk patients during the flu season.

Period Delay

Delay your period for up to 14 days for a particular situation, such as holidays, exams, weddings etc. You can use this service if you are female, aged 18 and over, and not using the contraceptive pill or any other hormonal contraception (other eligibility criteria apply).

Review your Medicines

We can offer you private, face-to-face conversation with our pharmacist about your prescription medicines. Our pharmacist will ensure you feel confident that your medicines are working to benefit your health. The review will improve your understanding about what your medicines do, and how to get the best from them.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Our pharmacist will supply Emergency hormonal contraception when appropriate to patients who require it, without a prescription.  If we are unable to supply you with emergency hormonal contraception, we will direct you to another source.

Minor Ailments Scheme

We offer patients with minor ailments appropriate treatment and advice direct from the pharmacy without the need to see a doctor. You can talk to our pharmacist in confidence without having to make an appointment. Please ask the pharmacist if you are eligible for the scheme.

Stopping Smoking

Our pharmacist will provide one-to-one support and advice to people who want to give up smoking. We can also advise and provide a wide range of nicotine replacement products.

Medicines Assessment and Compliance

Our pharmacist will assess if the patient needs help taking medicines. If support is needed, the pharmacist will agree with the patient or carer the appropriate level or kind of support needed. This could include, for example labelling medicines in large fonts or multi-compartment compliance aids.

Confidential help and advice

We have a private consultation room where you can discuss your medicines or general healthcare with the pharmacist.

Support for people with Disabilities

We can provide help for people who require assistance with managing and taking their medicines. We may be able to supply your medicines in special containers marked with daily doses or help in other ways such as supplying reminder charts.

Access Arrangements for disabled customers

Our premises are accessible to disabled customers and we are able to assist with any disability including sight or hearing impairments.

Electronic Prescription Service

Your repeat prescriptions can be sent directly from your surgery to our pharmacy for you to collect.

New Medicines Service

If you are starting on certain new medicines for long-term conditions, we provide all the intial advice and see you through the initial stages of taking them.

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic and Yellow Fever Centre.


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